depends on the color of the woolen coat., wearing primary color T-shirt, is a decent match. Of course, blue jeans can be matched with blue jeans, but when jeans are matched, you should pay attention to the color of the upper and lower clothes, that is, you should choose the same degree of fading. Tips for jeans: Fat people should avoid wearing skinny jeans and opt for looser, straight jeans that do not emphasize the figure. Pair clean white jeans with a T-shirt in primary colors. White from top to bottom will ruin the overall beauty. Avoid using buttocks too large, pants too plus size jeans overbust corset maternity underwear maternity dresses underbust corset plus size pants plus size dresses shapewear Plus size corset Plus size lingerie narrow jeans or the color after washing processing unnatural jeans. The upper and lower body collocation is good again, if the shoe is chosen neither fish nor fowl, the whole set of collocation also fails. When jeans are paired with leather shoes

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