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Recommend [Shuang Wen] to dress up as white moonlight for me to get rich behind me.

Although it’s a little old it hasn’t been decorated in recent years This hotel has been in Hong Kong for a hundred years and has always stood firm It must have its own unique features Ming Jingyan did not have a bar and patiently explained Ms Yu asked again “Is the food delicious” Ming Jingyan nodded “If it were not for years of cooperation with the Institute most people would not be able to Organic Chemicals make an appointment to eat” “All right then taste it” Ms Yu reluctantly agreed and asked Su Liang “Have you come to eat” Do you like it If you don’t like it will your sister take you to another hotel tomorrow Ming Jingyan “Don’t go too far!”! Didn’t my sister count it in her heart Su Liang “” When I was a child I was not thrown away but I could still raise it It is absolutely a mountain of maternal love The author has a word to want to say Bright Bar Bar The person is polite call you elder sister still think oneself are elder sister really Ms Yu In the next episode I will perform beating my son on the spot Chapter 40 Ms Yu was obviously used to it She not only ignored him but also imparted her experience to Su Liang in front of him “You must not be angry when dealing with this kind of contrarian” If he’s out there forget it He can do whatever he wants If he’s at home beat him up tape his mouth and lock him in his study for one night He’s sure to be honest the next day Su Liang Oh Ming Jingyan is obviously a dead pig who is not afraid of being scalded by boiling water He is still bragging there “If you can’t hear the truth just say that people are on the line Is what I said wrong” Which sentence did I say wrong An old aunt in her fifties but also let a 20-year-old girl call you’sister ‘ how big your face is is it swollen with hyaluronic acid Su Liang “” I think you’re bloated and want to be beaten Ms Yu’s good self-cultivation disappeared after she entered the private room He took off his coat and hung it on the hanger put his bag on one side of the sofa rolled up his sleeves and prepared to beat his son on the spot Su Liang hurriedly hugged her “Sister sister calm down we do not follow his general knowledge” It has been said that he is a contrarian so don’t be harsh on him with the requirements of normal people It seems that being at the bottom of the food chain is not unreasonable Ms Yu stared at him for two minutes then finally calmed down and sat down on the sofa to drink tea Su Liang gave Ming Jingyan a push “Go to order and have a share of all the delicious food” What if you can’t finish it That’s a lot of money Su Liang It’s my money In other words it’s yours Su Liang glared at him “If you can’t finish it pack it!” It’s not easy for people to come here Are you so stingy Ming Jingyan had no opinion and went to order food honestly Ms Yu’s eyes turned and her long eyelashes flashed twice The little girl had a good temper It seemed that there was no need to worry too much China Chemicals Suppliers However Ms Yu’s line of sight stayed on her plain face for a few seconds Sure enough she was still a young girl Her plain face was so bright that people could not extricate themselves Her skin was enviable It was white with powder and soft Just looking at it made people happy Emmm…… The contrarian should also look at the face of this face for a while Ms Yu turned her eyes to the wide black down jacket on her body and turned around twice with some doubts in her heart Even if the little girl’s family is a little poor her son of Yushu Linfeng won’t be so stingy right Don’t even want to buy a beautiful dress for others After thinking about it I still think that the little girl is used to simplicity and is not allowed to buy it right Su Liang had no idea what her future mother-in-law was thinking She searched out several kinds of tea from the cabinet and asked “Which one do you like to drink” Ms Yu looked over and said with a smile “This tea looks good What kind of tea do you think tastes good” I don’t have much research on tea drinking Generally I drink whatever others like “Chrysanthemum tea bar there are several dishes more spicy chrysanthemum tea clear mouth” “Yes” Seeing Ms Yu so easy-going Su Liang’s tense heart suddenly relaxed In fact there is nothing to be nervous about Feelings come from getting along with each other and she is not a difficult person to get along with Ming Jingyan is so bad that both of them are still talking well and his family must not be a problem
After a meal the host and guest enjoyed themselves Ms Yu looked at her watch It was too early It was just after eight o’clock She dragged Su Liang to the mall and said with a smile “I came from the sea city There was a meeting Organic Solvents there I didn’t have time to prepare the gift for you Why don’t we go to the mall and have a look What do you like I’ll pay for it OK” Su Liang subconsciously refused “No I didn’t prepare any gift for you” But Ming Jingyan hurriedly answered “Well go go go It’s still early” No one can resist the power of Ms Yu when she puts clothes on others Ming Jing Yan secretly thought must put all the pink inside the mall all wear to Su Liang body! Sure enough when he was ready to go home at ten o’clock Su Liang was already full of confusion Ming Jingyan carried more than a dozen large and small bags in his hands half of which were pink clothes whether they were overcoats or woolen sweaters or small fragrant coats or even underwear All of them have a pink! Young girls should be pink and tender How beautiful they are After Ming Jingyan sent Su Liang home he went back to the expert apartment with his mother Ms Yu taunted him “Give you such a big house to live in isn’t it still a loner” Ming Jingyan “Su Liang’s parents live in the community behind the dormitory building What else can I do” Besides do I look so horny I fall in love to get married not for a while! Ms Yu said “Tut” “No matter how righteous you say you can’t change it You still live like a single dog Ming Jingyan you’re going to be twenty-seven soon and you have something in mind! My birthday in November is only twenty-seven in half a year! Besides why didn’t I count it Is Su Liang not good “Yes but can’t others see the good things” The little girl is only twenty-two and she still has several years to pick and choose What about you 。 globalchemmall.com

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