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Although I hate Bingtou from the bottom of my heart, I can’t face up to the situation in front of me. The withered body of the soldier’s head was half leaning on the edge of the human bone pile, and it looked as if the skin was directly glued to the bone. The eye sockets were empty, meaning that the eyeballs were gone, and although the skin had lost its elasticity, the brown skin, which had been squeezed out for a short time, seemed to be like a newly excavated mummy. …… One moment he was alive and well. Yukiko’s voice trembled. Ryoko and I looked at each other without a word. Ⅲ There was a door next to the pile of human bones, and we opened it as we wondered what adventures we would have this time, and what we saw was a scene no different from a museum. In the dim light, you can see a dozen or so round glass cabinets, about the size of a telephone booth, with strange statues inside, while Yukiko turned her head sideways in wonder. Izumida Police Department, is this a specimen? “How can it be a specimen? These creatures do not exist in reality, they can only be regarded as models, and they are made vividly.” The reason you don’t say,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, “It’s the same as the real thing!” Because no one has actually seen these creatures. Animals that are neither human nor zoo-like are all a group of unnatural combinations of mammalian and reptilian characteristics. Ryoko carefully observed one of the round cabinets. This is the hydra, a seven-headed serpent, whose number varies from eight to fifty to one hundred. I cast my eyes on the next monster. I know that. The minotauros had a huge bull’s head on his massive shoulders, and the bulging muscles of his limbs felt like they almost burst through his skin, making his form vivid. This is chimaira, and this is Vingidona. At first sight,Automatic nail machine, Chimera thought it was a lion, but when she looked carefully, she found that there was another sheep’s head on her back and a snake’s tail. Wenjidona’s upper body was like a human woman, and her lower body was a big snake. Then there was a woman with snake hair. This is the gorgon, the three sisters of Greek mythology, Stino, Aurelia and Medusa, with snake hair and golden wings, and eyes that can turn people to stone. “Most of them are derived from monsters in Greek mythology.” Ryoko’s tone revealed that she was meditating. Yukiko, on the other hand, asked the others in a frightened voice, “Are these creatures made using the latest genetic engineering?” “God knows.” When it comes to genetic engineering, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail making machine, the knowledge of a layman like me is rather poor. Occasionally, after reading a few horror novels, I can’t help but wonder, “How much scientific basis is there for these contents?” That’s all. I walked on and looked at the stuffed monster in the next round glass cabinet. If you don’t look at it, you will feel sick to your stomach. This monster has a pair of wings like a bat, and its body is close to human size. Plus, the winged man’s left eye was poked out. I shuddered and stood there, unable to move. Unscientific thoughts were running through my mind, and I couldn’t bear the sight in front of me, so I turned my eyes away. Ladies and gentlemen, are you satisfied with it? Then there was a sound that seemed to be mixed with poison gas, and we looked back. Originally thought it was another display case, did not expect two figures standing in the large glass box, it is the God and the hundred eyes ghost. As soon as she saw them, Ryoko threw her walking stick roughly. Nakagami and Hundred Eyes also curled up reflexively. However, they saw the stick hit the glass box violently, but it did not cause any cracks and bounced back. It turned out to be tempered glass. Do you, do you think you can break glass with a walking stick? The God in the glass box laughed. You all stand where you are. If anyone dares to move, I will press this remote control button, and then there will be poison gas. The hundred-eyed ghost in the glass box shows the remote control in his hand.
“We found a pile of human bones, which is the irrefutable evidence of your evil deeds!” Ryoko testified against Li Li, and Nakagami brazenly nodded his head. Stowaways and vagrants add up to about three hundred people, which is just right to use as bait for monsters. I know you think there must be a genetic engineering experiment hidden somewhere in this building, but you’re wrong. There’s nothing like that here; in order for the monsters to wake up and stay alive, they need an adequate food source. “You just mentioned bait. Why do specimens need to eat bait?” “Specimen?”? Does that look like a specimen? This time it was the turn of the hundred-eyed ghost to taunt him. They’re just sleeping, and when they wake up, you disobedient fools will tremble in fear, swallowed up by the sense of defeat, and the only thing you can do is beg desperately. It’s not too late to kneel down and confess to us at once! “I can’t listen any more.” A quiet voice came, but faintly revealed a sarcastic tone, so that the people present were secretly surprised. Who on earth said this sentence? I began to look for the owner of the voice, but somehow my heart was desperately resisting the action, and I forced myself to do it. I moved my eyes, and Ryoko and Yukiko did the same. There is only one exception-the speaker who takes his time to receive the attention of the crowd. I don’t know when the Minister of State and Chairman of the National Public Security Commission, Shichijo Xining, was standing beside us. What appeared on his face was an expression that had never been seen on the face of that figure before, and on the other hand, the expression that occupied the faces of the gods and the ghosts was rare to see, and it could be said that it was a face of extreme fear. I really can’t listen to a word. I thought you were a little useful,wire nail machine manufacturers, but look at you like this, it’s a shame to lose face. You can’t deal with the aftermath of the trouble, and you can rely on others to clean up the mess. You have no use value. I have many people to replace you. 。 3shardware.com

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