leather down jacket must be protected from moisture. Otherwise, gloss may be lost. It is recommended to clean up in time after wetting in rainy days. You can use a clean towel to absorb moisture slowly.

Don’t let your leather down jacket get wet. Wash with small brush and dry immediately. But it should not be exposed to the sun. Just keep it cool, dry and ventilated.

If the down jacket is just stained with oil, it needs to be treated with toilet paper immediately. Do not wipe it at will, or the oil stain area on the clothes will slowly okaymalls bebe plus size en as site sitor we web fashion corset clothing expand. Generally, just drop a little oil stains, with detergent daub in the local oil stains, with a soft brush gently brush back and forth, dry, stained with oil down jacket is still beautiful as new.
Don’t soak the clothes, gently rub a few drops of detergent on the oily areas

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