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Sang Yi looked at him, put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Yes, war waits for no one. If we defeat the Tengu people one minute earlier, we can save many more lives on earth.” Jiang Zejie opened his eyebrows and said approvingly, “You’re right. War waits for no one.” As soon as the words fell, Sang Yi had disappeared, but his words remained. Brother Zejie, take care of yourself. Jiang Zejie looked at the blue sky and said to himself: “Maybe only the sky is unchanged.”. Sang Yi, you are the real hero I have ever seen. Sang Yi flew directly to Beijing this time, and he hoped to see Chairman Luo Sheng. This is the most important person he must meet before he really goes to war. However, he also knows that meeting a chairman is not a matter of capacity. The Great Wall has been destroyed, leaving only a few small sections, but also let Sang Yi know that Beijing has arrived. He flew down, ignoring the war. From time to time, the dog-headed fighter planes flew around him. When Sang Yi flew down, he went straight to Tian’anmen. But Tian’anmen was already out of shape, and there he searched here and there before he found some ground troops. At first, he naively thought that Jiangsu people knew about his return, so Beijing people would not be unaware of it. When he saw a soldier, the men didn’t notice him. So he had no choice but to go to the observer,plastic bulk containers, and a young man in his 20s, who was delicate and did not even have a ladle, met him. But the young man did not know who he was, not even his name. Sang Yi was very disappointed. He wanted to go and find someone else, but the young man suddenly called a group to surround him. He does not know why, ask him: “Friend, what do you arrest me to do!” Do what! You even pretend to be stupid. I suspect that you are a spy of the Tengu people. The Tengu people have trained a lot of earth spies to sneak into the military region, kill people and sell intelligence. Some soldiers in Tianjin have put aside such mistakes. “Do you look like a spy?” Asked Sang Yi. The young man’s name was Luo Lai,stackable plastic pallets, and although he was an observer, he was given a lot of power from above, so when he called, many people came around. This surprised Sang Yi. Sang Yi no longer wants to hurt people, this time, he does not want to win like the previous times, even if they are tied up, but also willing. Luo Lai is also not polite, quickly tied up Sang Yi, in the tie, his sword almost flew out, he used his mind to control the sword. Under the control of his mind, the sword became much more stable. Tied him up, Luo Lai walked around him a few times, and then said proudly, plastic pallet supplier ,wholesale plastic pallet, “It’s not a good person to come here early in the morning. I will satisfy your wish and lock you up with the Tengu people.” Sang Yi did not speak and did not hum. He did not want the anger in his body to ignite again, nor did he want to take the life of any earthman. Although Luo Lai is not a good person, he is not necessarily a bad person. Walking through the long tunnel, there is a big iron gate. Through the big iron gate, you can see that there are many Tengu people and earthlings who are locked inside. These imprisoned earthlings must be the slaves of the Tengu people, and the Tengu people are fighting with the earthlings? Those Tengu people are bigger than the earth people, and it doesn’t matter if one beats three earth people. The iron gate was opened, and a group of soldiers with guns were waiting at the door, and if anyone tried to escape, they would kill them. The prison where people and dogs are put together is simply a world of killing. Before he was locked up, he saw two soldiers dragging an earthman up. Luo Lai asked, “What’s wrong with this earthman?” One of the soldiers replied, “He was killed by the Tengu people.”. Here, about 10 earthlings are killed every day, and this is the third one this morning. Luo Lai nodded and said, “OK, I know.”. These spies, must let them have no good end, they will be killed alive by the dog people, only to calculate a breath. Sang Yi was so angry that he said coldly, “You keep saying that others are spies. How can you prove that they are spies? And me, how can you say that I am a spy?” Luo Lai clenched his fist, aimed it at his face, and hit him: “You smelly bastard, if I say you are a spy, you are a spy. No matter you are not a spy, if you dare to talk to me like that, you will be put in prison.”.
” The sword was shaking and trying to fly out, but Sang Yi immediately stopped his anger from rising again. If the magic sword comes out of the shell, not only Luo Lai will die, but also the four soldiers around him and the two soldiers carrying the body will be killed by the magic sword. Even if you want to kill, it should be Luo Lai alone. His hands had been tied and his sword could not be pulled out, so he could not completely control his sword to kill innocents. Luo Lai sees what he thinks, Yin laughs to say: “You go inside the prison to act” prison storm “! With that, he kicked Sang Yi to the prison. Sang Yi rolled back and forth on the ground and stopped. A soldier said to Luo, “Yes, we haven’t untied this man yet.”? If he’s tied up, he’ll be killed in less than an hour. Luo Lai says angrily: “Shut your foul mouth, I want to do what to do, need you to remind.” The soldier lowered his head and immediately stood away. Who is not afraid of the power and prestige of Luo Lai? Sang Yi never dreamed that there would be such a hoodlum as an observer. No wonder the Beijing battlefield was defeated so miserably. People like Luo Lai should not be decimals here. Luo Lai glanced at Sang Yi, and his proud look made him unable to forget. A most humiliating feeling welled up in Sang Yi’s heart, and if it hadn’t been for the magic sword that he couldn’t control, his anger would have come out long ago. The prison was dark at first, but after a long stay, it got better. He saw several Tengu people fighting around the earth people, some tearing their pants and stepping on their buttocks, and some sitting on the earth and slapping their faces. All the people on earth who are locked up in prison are subjected to great humiliation. It is really a hell on earth. When he was touched by the scene,plastic trash bins, several Tengu people came to him at once, and soon his rope was untied, and a Tengu man wanted to take off his clothes. It was here that Sang Yi shook around and pushed several Tengu people away.

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