strong salt water soaking method: buy back the new denim clothes, put it in the cold strong salt water soaking for about 2 hours, then wash with soap, and in the future cleaning also according to this method, the denim is not easy to fade. Cold tea soaking method: sweater is easy to fade when washing, if the sweater is soaked in cold tea for 10 minutes first, and then washed according to the general washing method, after this method of washing, sweater can not only wash clean, but also will not fade, but also prolong the wear life.Vinegar immersion method: before washing denim clothes, add some common vinegar in water Dog toys Plus Size kitchen gadgets Cheap lingerie Corset tops maternity clothing bubble for a while, and then denim clothes for cleaning it is ok. Be careful not to use too much vinegar, which can stain light-colored clothes. If you wash your denim clothes this way regularly, you can ensure that the color is as clean as new. The best hand wash

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